Blessed are the Meek

In Matt 5:5, Jesus states that those that are meek will inherit the earth.  Interesting thought.  Those that have a modest estimation of their own self worth will inherit the earth.  Meekness is the ability to not strike back when wronged.  You choose the path of love.  When Jesus was struck by the officials and guards at His trial and on the day of His death He chose the path of meekness.  You have the power to strike back but you choose not too.  Jesus says when you choose to be meek and be a person of restaint you inherit the earth.  Jesus was saying that you have a future reward of God giving you your part in His wonderful future.  One day earth will become new.  In the book of Revelation we learn that this earth in its present form will be done away with and God will make a new earth.  Jesus says you will inherit the earth on that day.  There is also a present application when you choose the path of meekness your world will be impacted.  People will see in your life God’s nature and characteristic of meekness.  Instead of hurting others you choose to walk in love.  What a great way to live.  So today asked the Lord to help you become like Jesus, a man of great strength and yet meek in the way He dealt with people.