Blessed are the Merciful.

Matt 5:7 –  Blessed are the Merciful.


    This statement is a lesson in cause and effect.  If you are merciful you shall receive mercy.  If you are good, then those around you will be good to you.  This is a statement of character and integrity.  Mercy is a quality of love.  

     Being merciful means that you have the right and power to punish someone for a wrong done but you choose instead to be merciful and pardon them.  A wonderful example is the story of the man who owed his superior a huge debt and when he asked for mercy it was granted to him.  The downside of this story for that man that when he was asked by another who owed him money he refuse to grant the same mercy he was shown.  In turn he ended up in debtor’s prison because of his lack of mercy.

    Jesus teaches a spiritual and natural truth here.  What you sow is what you reap.  Today show mercy, love and compassion and when you need it you shall receive it in turn.