Blessed are the Persecuted.

Matt 5:11-12 – Blessed are the Persecuted.


Jesus finished the thought of persecution by reminding His audience there are three consequences or realities that come with being His followers.  First, you will be insulted.  An insult is the verbal reaction to hatred or misunderstanding.  When someone does not understand, agree or hates what you stand for there is going to be a negative reaction.  David calls them mockers.  A mocking spirit comes from an unredeemed heart.  When a person does not know Christ they belong to the kingdom of darkness and their master is satan.  They do not understand you, whom you serve or what you stand for so they will insult, slander and malign you.  Secondly, you will be persecuted, people will become hostile, abusive and cruel to you.  They will harass you.  Friends become enemies, family become abusive and hostile.  All because we are His followers.  Thirdly, you will be lied about.  Satan is the father of all lies and so his followers will use the same method of attack.

Your reaction should be one of happiness and rejoicing.  When the disciples were beaten for the sake of the gospel, they rejoiced.  To be counted worthy to suffer for Christ has been a badge of courage from the beginning of the church.  Jesus says a reward is being held or kept in heaven for you.  Do not let a little persecution on earth keep you from your reward in heaven.

Jesus then closes this thought with reminding His audience that they persecuted the prophets who were before them.  Religious establishment resent change.  It upsets social, religious and often economic realities.  Often new ideas and ways of doing things are met with opposition because of ignorance and fear.  God is always doing a new thing because man loves stability, security and self importance.  These things in themselves are not bad but they are factors that lead to resistance to necessary change.   Today remember when God is making the necessary changes in your life don’t be surprised by those around you to resist it and remember your in good company when people react negatively.