Blessed is He.

   Isaiah is a wonderful book because in this book you find over a hundred different Old Testament prophecies about Jesus Christ.  Matthew reveals in Matt 12:18, that Jesus was chosen of the Father.  He was beloved by the Father and the Father was well pleased with Him.  These three characteristics should be the testimony of every follower of Jesus Christ.  I believe that all people are called but you have to make yourself chosen.  Let me explain, the call for salvation is universal.  The whosoever will come but it is the person who responds makes themself chosen.  You make a decision to follow Christ.  It is an intellectual decision because you hear the message and through the filter of your mind you weigh all the pros and cons.  It then goes into your heart and you make a volitional decision.  You say yes to the Lord.  That is how you become chosen.  That is how  you become His beloved.  God loves all people but when you chose to give your life to Christ you become part of His family.  You become a son or daughter with all the rights and privileges of family.  Lastly, the Lord is pleased with your decision and from then on He looks at you through rose coloured glasses.  He looks at you through the blood of Jesus.  It is so wonderful to allow the full effect of salvation to become part of you and have these views of you in the sight of God.