Blind man healed and the disciples rebuked

Blind man healed and the disciples rebuked – Matt 6:5-12 & Mark 8:14-26


Jesus warned His disciples to be careful of the yeast of the Pharisees.  They thought He was rebuking them because they had forgotten to bring bread.  Jesus was again correcting them because they had the wrong ideas.  Jesus was telling them to be careful of the teachings of the Pharisees.  

    Jesus called the disciples men of little faith because they did not know what he meant by the teaching of the Saduccees and the Pharisees.  They missed the point.  Jesus used every day stories to bring about a spiritual truth.  They went to Bethsaida and a blind man was brought to Jesus.  He took him outside the village and spit on the man’s eyes and he saw men as trees walking.  Jesus then spit on his eyes once more and he saw all things clearly.

     Jesus took him out of the village so all the confusion and unbelief would be done away with.  Outside the village Jesus could concentrate on the man’s healing. Jesus had to touch this man twice probably because this man’s faith was not strong but as he saw things his faith increased.  Sometimes healing is also progressive.  Jesus when He heals wants all to see and give glory to God.