Do not delay

April 16 – Do not delay – Psalm 40:16-17


     David writes in these final verses of this psalm that all those who seek the Lord will rejoice and be glad.  Having a relationship with God brings out the best in those that really know Him.  Praise and worship are a result of grace.  David then encourages all who love the Lord`s salvation to say aloud, “The Lord is exalted.”  That is what happened when the Jesus was entering Jerusalem on Psalm Sunday.  People were saying, “Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord.”

     In vs 17, David even though He is king recognizes his human condition.  David saw that he was needy and poor.  You can have all the wealth of the world but still be needy and poor.  Riches of this world have nothing to do with eternal life.  Without the Lord this is our condition.  David then says the Lord is his help and deliverer.  David was delivered from a bear, lion, Goliath, Saul, Absolom, the Philistines and himself.  His only prayer was that God would not delay.  Is that how you feel?  God help us and hurry.  God’s promises He will and your part is to trust Him.