Forget Not His Benefits

Aug 15 – Forget not His Benefits – Psalm 103:1-2


     We are going to spend a little time in this Psalm of David because it is so rich in truth.  God has loaded

This psalm with great gems and promises.  David is going to praise the Lord from his inmost being. 

Praise the Lord because of His Holy name.  The Lord is holy, righteous, just and truthful.  He is separate

and will always bring us up to where He is.  That is why Paul stated that we are seated in heaven places

in Christ Jesus.  David then says, “Praise the Lord oh my soul.”  He was speaking to His will, intellect and

emotions.  Sometimes we have to remind ourselves of what the Lord has done.  David tells His soul to

not forget the Benefits of the Lord.  The Lord has given us so much.  More than we can take or

deserve.  When you feel alone, unhappy, lost or discouraged.  Speak to you soul and remind it of what

the Lord has done.  Like the hymn, “Count your many blessings one by one and it will surprise what the

Lord has done.”