He lifted me out

April 15 – He lifted me out – Psalm 40:1-3


     This is a great psalm.  David reveals several things which we will review today.  We need to wait for the Lord.  Do not run ahead or behind God.  The problem is not God`s timing but ours.  Next, The Lord will turn His ear to us and will hear our cry.  When we call out God will hear and answer in a way that is good for us and gives glory to Him. 

     In vs 2, David says that the Lord will lift us out of any miry pit either of our own making or the devils and will set our feet on a solid rock.  There are many pitfalls in life but the Lord promises to help us see them and rescue us when we fall into them.  He is our solid rock and foundation in life. 

    In vs 3, David says because of God`s provision and care a new song will come into our mouth.  Worship and praise should always be our response to God`s provision.  Worship is an attitude of the heart expressed.  That expression could be a psalm, hymn, spiritual song, and a new melody from the heart.  The outgrowth of a joyful, worship life is that many will see and put their trust in the Lord.  Our faith is infectious.  It can be caught by others.  What God is looking for from us is to be good advertisements for Him.  Do our job and He will do His.