He set forth

Sept 6 – He Sent Forth – Psalm 1-7:19-20


     The psalmist encourages His readers to cry out to the Lord in their trouble.  When you are in trouble

You do not have to try and face it alone.  You have all of heaven at your disposal.  Ask and you shall

Receive.  One of the benefits of prayer is asking for divine help.  James says in James 4:2, that you have

Not because you ask not.  So ask.  The psalmist says that when the dark time is upon you call out to the

One who has the light.  Light always dispels darkness.  Jesus is the light and He will destroy any darkness

or dark times from your life.

     The Lord will save you from your distress.  He will send His word and heal you.  No matter what form

Sickness, disease or affliction comes in the Lord will send His word.  As Jesus sent His word to heal the

Centurions servant so He will send His word to heal you in your distress.  He will rescue from any pit

Or grave you face.  He is the resurrection and the life.  Whoever believes in Him will never die.  Call

Today and let the Lord send His word to heal you.