I will praise

Sept 9 – I will praise – Psalm 108:3-5


     This is a psalm of David.  It is music in poetic form.  This psalm is also a popular chorus today.  I will

praise you among the nations and sing about you among the people.  Worshippers will never let

anything stand in the way of their worship.  Worship is to be expressed.  It is best seen among the

people who love God.  David suggests doing it publically and with zeal.

     David then point out two things in verse 4.  The love of the Lord is great in fact greater than the

heavens.  You cannot measure the heavens and you cannot measure God’s love.  His faithfulness

reaches to the sky.  God’s love and faithfulness is infinite.  It is beyond measure or comprehension.

     Then David writes.  “Be exalted oh God above the heavens.”  In the eyes of His people God is to be

Lifted up and praised.  We are to worship Him in private, public and with holiness.  He then closes off

this morning with the thought of the Lord having His glory fill all the earth.  Through this day the

character and essence of God flow into your world.  Let Him be exalted and glorified in your life. 

Worship, praise, sing, dance, shout, clap and rejoice.  God is great and worthy of all praise.  Remember if

you don’t the rock and stones will cry out.