Luke warm

March 4 – Lukewarm – Rev 3:15-16

Vs 15- Jesus again reveals that He knows theirs and our deeds. Our audience of one is watching. The eye of the Lord is always one us. Nothing we think, do and say will be hidden. Jesus then reveals the state of this church. They are neither hot or cold. They are lukewarm. He wishes that they would be either. What a condition to be. You have become ineffective, insolent and non productive. You are existing but no more. You have become content. You are happy with your situation but do not realize that you are in peril. It is like the frog in cold water and heated up. It gets use to the temperature not realizing that with each rise in heat they are closer to perishing. That is what happens to the Lukewarm.

Vs 16 – They are lukewarm. Neither hot or cold. So Jesus will vomit them, spit or throw up. They make Him sick. They are like a sickness. They have no value. They can only be thrown out. They are a disease that only destroys. This is a terrible state to be in. A lukewarm church is a church in great peril and need.