Save Me

Sept 12 – Save Me – Psalm 109:26-27


     As often in a psalm of David there is a cry for help.  David has experienced the cruelty of life and He

Knows that his only help is in the Lord.  Now David knew that only the love of the Lord was His absolute

Security in life.  It was the one thing he could rely on.  He also knew that it was the love of God that

would motivate the Lord to save and rescue him.  We can know the same truth if we are like David and

trust the Lord.  Solomon encourages us to do this in Prov 3:3-6. 

     Then David asks the Lord to show how through his deliverance and testimony that those who oppose

Him will have to face the Lord.  David had made a decision to not touch any one the Lord had anointed.

Even though Saul had chased him a