The Kingdom

Jan 12 – The Kingdom – Rev 1:6

Vs 6 –This verse is amazing because all Christians are a kingdom. This has both a personal and corporate application. The Kingdom of God is within us and together we are the kingdom of God here on this earth. The three characteristics of this kingdom are righteousness, peace and joy. (Rom 14:17) Next, we are ministers before Him. We minister love and preach the gospel to people on this earth. Then comes the greeting and phrase, “To Him be glory and dominion forever and ever Amen.” This is both a statement and greeting. God has glory and dominion over all. Amen is the exclamation point to this fact. Imagine every Christian has this wonderful connection to this fact and truth. We have the glory of God in us, the characteristics and essence of God. We will also one day rule and reign with Him. Amazing and awesome truths.