Boxing Day Blues

Boxing Day has become an indicator of what is wrong with our society.  Right after the exhaustion of Christmas.  We are lured out into stores to spend money we do not have and get things we do not need.  I know this is the one day where stores and their owners get rid of the rest of their Christmas inventory and it is essential to their bottom line but why the madness?  As I write this blog the stores have been open for two hours and some people have lined up all night to get closest to the door.  It is bad enough that most of us do not include Christ in Christmas but now only one day after the celebration of His birth we are lured into thinking and doing the very thing he warned us against.  Jesus said to not love this world or the things of this world.  Houses, land and stuff will not gain us the Kingdom of God.  In fact it is the very thing that will draw us away from God.  Materialism and prosperity are the very things that threaten the spiritual growth of any Christian.  These two take our focus off the unseen and put it on the seen.  Personally I have gadgets and stuff I have never used.  I have books I have never read, movies I have never watched and tools I have never used.  I think if we are honest we could say the same.  So here is the point of this blog.  You do not have to have the lastest gadget or device or whatever you will buy this boxing day.  Spend that time you would in the store with a loved one or doing something that will build your soul.  These last longer than the latest kitchen gadget or electronic thingamabob.  Just a thought.