Break through

   This week end I am at Break Forth and last night I had the privilege of being able to host and concert with Matthew Ward, Mancy Honeytree and Chuck Girard.  All pioneers of Christian music.  It was great and very enjoyable. My wife said, it was a peice of heaven.  I have been musing about the power of music and realize that it is one avenue in which God`s expresses his glory.  I love knowing that God is getting ready for another break through.  Last night the paresenters were talking about the Jesus movement and how it was a break through for a generation.  I am grateful for that time because I came to Christ during that time but I am also looking forward to what God is going to do today and tomorrow.  I believe that God is just beginning to start a new thing.  A time of breakthrough.  A time not like any time in history.  A time where His spirit will be doing things in places we never dreamed about so keep you eyes open and your ears to the street.  The Lord is going to break through.  He will also break through in your life if you will let Him.