Brothers in the Lord

– Brothers in the Lord – Rom 16:21-23


Vs 21 – Timothy Paul’s fellow worker send his greeting as
does, Lucius, Jason and Sosipater who Paul describes as his relatives.  Again this term is used to describe his
brothers in the Lord.  When one becomes a
Christian they join a large family which is world wide and has many

Vs 22 – We learn that Paul had dictated this letter and
Tertius was the scribe. One man wrote stated that Paul because of his encounter
with Jesus suffered from poor eyesight for the rest of his life and thus one of
the reasons he dictated his letters.  
Paul sends his greetings to the Roman Christians.

Vs 23 – Gaius is described by Paul as a person of
hospitality.  This gifting is enjoyed by
the whole church where Paul was writing this letter from.  Gaius sent the Romans his greeting.  Through this chapter has been commending and
describing the characteristics of different people.  To be a person of hospitality in Paul’s view
was a person of the highest quality and character.  This would be a great place to start as you
trust the Lord to change you into the person you know He wants you to be.