Call me Lord

Here is a paradox of faith.  Jesus stated in Matt 6:46, "why do you call me Lord and do not do what I say."  Lordship denotes that you will follow what someone says.  In the case of the Christian, one cannot not call Jesus Christ Lord and not do what He says.  Interestingly enough Jesus does not call us to a life of drudgery or boredom.  He gives eternal and abundant life.  A life that will be exciting and wonderful.  It will be a true adventure.  You will never know where He will take you or what He will have you doing.  Each day will be an opportunity for growth and victory.  You will never be the same with Jesus Christ.  So it should be easy to say He is Lord and do what He says.  I truly believe it is the foolish and unwise who do not give their lives to Christ.  It is foolish to gamble with your future.  It is unwise to not give your life to Christ.  Especially when there is so much He gives in return.  So today give your life completely to Him and begin the adventure of life.