Can be a success and yet fail.

In 1 Sam 2:12-17, we have a very powerful story of a man who excelled in ministry but was a failure as a father.  Eli was a godly man.  He excelled in ministry.  As a father he was a failure.  He had become so engrossed in his work for the Lord that his boys grew up without a spiritual foundation they needed for life.  These boys were nothing but a source of embarassment for their father.  The problem was not the boys but Eli.  It was obvious that Eli did not follow the principles of Deut 6:7, where it states that we must spend every part of the day teaching our children about the Lord.  One of the tragedies of many men and women of God is that they spend so much of their time during the Lord’s work that their families suffer.  Sometimes it is hard to balance work and family.  My philosophy is that my ministry is complete when I present my family to the Lord.  Remember, it is God first, then family and work or ministry third.  Let us not get them out of order or we could have a family like Eli.  Your promises today are Matt 6:33, Deut 6:7, Josh 24:15, Pr 22:6 and Acts 16:31.