Children of God

Romans 8:16-18 – Children of God


Vs 16 –  The Spirit bear witness in our Spirit.  He testifies to our spirit and heart that we are the children of God.  What a scripture of assurance.  You are the son and daughter of God.

Vs 17 – The reality of this life in Christ and in the Spirit is that we are not only children but heirs of God.  What a thought, we are joints heirs with Jesus Christ.  What ever He has we will have.  We will suffer with Him but we will also be glorified with Him as well.  Suffering is part of the Christian life but with that suffering also comes glorification later.

Vs 18 – Paul says that the present suffering is nothing in comparison with what comes later, glorification.  Suffering produces the glory of God,  The glory of God is the character and essence of God.  You become more like the Lord through your suffering.