Choose life.

In Deut 30:15-20, the theme of this portion of scripture is choose life.  Following the plan and purpose of God for you life will bring abundant life.  Jesus said in John 10:10, that He came to give to give us life and more abundantly.  The choice is ours.  God has made each one of us a free moral person and we have a choice.  It is so sad so that many choose the path of rebellion and this leads away from God to death and hell.  Here the Lord exhorts the nation of Israel that they have a choice to where they will live as a nation.  If they were to follow the way of the Lord they would live, develop, multiply and prosper.  I knew this one woman who surrendered her life to the Lord Jesus Christ.  Then one day she came to me and said serving the Lord was to hard.  She left the way of the Lord and went back into the world.  What a tragedy that was.  You and I have a choice so let us choose life.  The promises I wish to share with you today are, John 10:10, Joshua 24:15, Deut 30:15:20, John 14:6 and Acts 1:8, Mark 16:15-17 and Matt 11:28.