Christ Our Theme

Christ is our Theme – 1 Cor 1:5-7

Vs 5 – Paul begins a theme of in Christ here. In Christ the Corinthians had been enriched. The riches of heaven had been bestowed upon them. They have been enriched in two ways, in their speech and knowledge, Knowledge was highly prized by the Greeks and in Christ they had all the knowledge of heaven at their disposal,
Vs 6 – Paul was so happy that in the Corinthians his testimony of Jesus Christ had been confirmed. Not only did they believe but they were living Christ’s reality out in their lives.
Vs 7 – Therefore they do not lack any spiritual gift as they wait for the coming of the Lord with eagerness. Paul would elaborate on these spiritual gifts later. There is no lack with the Lord. He has spiritual gifts and fruit waiting to be developed in our lives.