Christ the Foundation

In Luke 20:17, Jesus quoted a passage in the Old Testament about how the stone that the people rejected would become the Chief Cornerstone.  The stone that all things would be measured from.  Jesus Christ is the foundation for any life that is going to matter.  Recently a friend of mine was diagnosed with cancer.  He had been a back slider and after the news He once again became a Christian.  Now I am grateful for that wonderful news but the reality is that he has only about 4 to 6 months to live.  I know that he will make the most of his last few months.  Now we are believing for healing and a miracle.  What breaks my heart is that 30 years ago he was a fervent disciple of Jesus Christ but because of a small offense he gave up his faith.  During those years he lived for himself and the world.  He lost 30 years of time to serve the Lord and make an impact for Christ.  He cannot retrieve those years and that s so sad.  My prayer for all of us is that we would not waste time in the pursuit of riches, fame popularity or man made things.  Today my prayer for each of us is that we would redeem every moment for God and use each day as an opportunity to impact our world for Jesus Christ.  Jesus is the chief cornerstone and foundation for life.  Be His ambassador and touch your world for Him.