Christmas Reality

I love the Christmas season.  What I don’t like is the constant tension between those who want to take the Christ out of Christmas and us who want to keep Him in.  A recently poll accross Canada stated that 86% of Canadians still want to call the holiday season Christmas compared to 14% who don’t.  The highest percentage of people who want to call the holiday season a generic name are found in the east.  The west especially Alberta, where 87% of respondents said, they wanted to keep the name Christmas.  Now to my point, Christmas is a Christian Holiday.  As Christians we are celebrating the birth of the Saviour Jesus Christ.  He is the reason for the season.  We invite all people to celebrate this event with us.  If a person chooses to do so that is wonderful.  However if a person chooses not to don’t try to force us to change the holiday name to suit your personal taste.  Christmas will always be Christmas.  As Canada slowly drifts away from its Christian roots the tension will continue.  Joshua 24:15, states my case in short form.  "As for me and my house we will serve the Lord."  Or in a holiday adage.  "As for me and my house we will celebrate Christmas, we will have a Christmas Tree, Christmas Carol’s, A Christmas Dinner and going to Christmas programs.