Christmas Story

I love a good Christmas Story.  So here is one.  There was a young man whose father was a traveling salesman.  A week before Christmas his dad had to be away on business but before he left the dad promised his son he would be home for Christmas.  On Christmas eve the family finished dinner and a phone call came.  A terrible snow storm had grounded all the flights out of the city where the dad was staying.  He would not be able to get home for Christmas.  The little boy was devastated and he went to bed heavy hearted.  His mother as she was tucking him into bed tried to console him and then she said, "Let us pray that Dad can somehow get home for Christmas."  "We need a Christmas miracle," said the little boy, so they prayed and then he went to sleep.  Just before midnight he was shaken awake by a gentle hand.  He opened his eyes and sitting on the side of the bed was his Dad.  He threw his arms around his father’s neck and hugged him tight.  His dad explained that the storm had stopped just long enough so the plan could fly out and bring him home.  The little boy smiled and exclaimed.  "Boy, prayer really does work, doesn’t it dad." "Of course," replied the dad.  The little boy then said, "Yeah, we prayed for a Christmas miracle and here you are."  Do you need a Christmas miracle?  One may only be a prayer away.