Church of Smyrna

Feb 3 – – Rev 2:8

Vs 8 – This is the second church mentioned here. Now one important thing to remember that all these churches were located in Asia Minor. All at this time were established churches in actual physical locations. Now some have equated each church to an age. This is called dispensational teaching. This is taught by many modern scholars. Ephesus would have been the age of the apostles. Thus if you subscribe to this thought is the age of the church fathers.
To the church of Smyrna and the messenger or angel. To the leader of that church here is your message from the Lord. This verse also reveals again a truth about the Jesus Christ. He is the first and the last. No one comes before or after Him. He is number one. All end and begin with Him. He has always existed and will always exist. He is God. Jesus died but He rose from the dead. The resurrection is the central proof of Christianity. Without the resurrection you do not have the gospel. This is who He is and what He has done.