Fort Road Victory Church

13470 Fort Road
Edmonton, Alberta T5A 1C5
Fort Road Victory Church
Phone: (780) 475-1647

It is our conviction that every church should do everything using every gift within its grasp to “Reach” every person possible with the gospel. We then believe it is of the utmost importance to “Teach” that person the principles of the Christian walk. We then endeavor to “Mobilize” that person to repeat the cycle.

We feel there needs to be a fresh revelation in these days for the restoring of the New Testament Church. It was God’s plan for the Church to fulfill the Great Commission by going into all the world to preach the gospel.

This takes willing hearts, but it also takes training. We believe that we must take the steps necessary to make room for the growth of our ministry, the training of its partners and the release of ministries from it. We have committed ourselves to this task. With God’s blessing it will become a reality.