Clutter for a cause.

On television you’ve seen image after image of the disaster left by the recent earthquake in Haiti. You want to help but with the economy the way it is, you have a limited amount of money to give. Then think about it this way. Thousands and thousands of earthquake victims have nothing at all.  Close your eyes and imagine your home is completely empty as if you had nothing either.  Then open your eyes and look at all the stuff that’s cluttering up your home.  Now think about what you actually need and what you could live without like old CDs you don‘t listen to, books you‘ve finished, DVDs you don‘t watch, video games you don‘t play anymore, software, cameras, jewelry, clothing, collectibles, etc.  You can take the things you don’t use or don’t really need and turn them into money to benefit disaster relief organizations.  So even if you’re strapped for cash you probably have some valuable things cluttering up your home that can be used to help disaster victims.