Command to Wait

Command to Wait – Acts 1:4     Jesus had some final instructions for His disciples in their final assembly together.  He told them to not leave Jerusalem.  They were to wait for the promise of the Father.  Jesus had told them in John 14 and 16 that the Holy Spirit would come and lead them into all truth.  His role would be one of comforter.  He would take what He heard the Father say and bring it to us.  It was essential for them to wait.  Waiting is an act of obedience and discipline.  It is a time of reflection, expectation and faith.  Cam Floria said, “Waiting is often providential discipline for those who have been given a big task or work.”  They needed the power of the Holy Spirit with its gifts to change their world.  You will never truly change the world around you without the indwelling and out flowing of the Holy Spirit.  You will never truly have power until you have been endued with power from on high.  When you waiti on the Lord wait in faith, expectation, obedience and a readiness to go.  Remember when the Spirit moves you want to move with Him and not find yourself trying to catch up.  Tarry until you have everything that you need from the Lord through the Holy Spirit.