Matt 3:11-12

                Today we are going to look at the courage of John the Baptist.  John like all reformers and prophets of God took his role as enlightening and restraining force for God very personally.  He would speak against the sins of Herod and Herodias.  This act would ultimately cost him his life.

1.       John stood up to Herod the King about his marriage to Herodias the former wife of his brother Phillip.

2.       He stood up to Herod at the peril of his life which later on was forfeited.

3.       He preached to Herod about the things of God and this upset Herod.

4.       He spoke against the things the leaders of the Jews were doing.

5.       He told the tax collectors not to steal anymore.

6.       He told the Roman soldiers to extort from no one.

7.       He spoke against other things that the King did.  Herod was a despot but John was not afraid to speak against him.  The lessons we learn is that we are the conscience of our world.  We have been entrusted by God to speak on His behalf.