Day of Prayer

Today my theme is again about prayer.  In Psalm 34:6, David says, that this poor man cried out and the Lord heard him and saved him out of all His troubles.  Prayer is such a powerful tool in the tool belt of the Christian.  It is the one thing that can change any situation.  When you pray, heaven is at your disposal.  God loves to hear us pray, it shows that we are not in control and we need His help.  To many people today are to self sufficient and self reliant for their own good.  But there comes a time when our resources and wisdom fail and that is when God can break through.  When we come to the end of our rope God is there is put things back in order.  Prayer is the place where God comes and changes our situation.  David viewed himself as a poor man, yet he was a great king.  David knew that position, power and wealth would not keep him.  He knew that God was His source.  He knew that he needed divine help and resources.  David said, I am a poor man, I need God, so I prayed with all I had and God heard me and He saved me out of all my toubles.  We all have trouble from time to time and one prayer can turn those trouble into opportunities for God.  My exhortation for you today is call out to God in the good times and the bad.  Have a modest estimation of your own self worth.  Call out to God and see Him save you and bring you into victory this day.