Deal Well

Sept 11 – Deal Well – Psalm 109:21


     This is a psalm of David talking about the ups and downs of life.  He shows that life can be unfair and

even cruel at times.  That is of the reasons to step out of the world and into the hands of God.   Then

David talks about His relationship with God.  It  is always good to testify of the Lord.  This bring

creedence and clarity to our lives.  When you count your many blessing it becomes clear on what the

Lord has done.

     David knew the Lord will deal well with Him because He is sovereign.  God does what He wants but

He is guided by His love, grace and mercy.  God will also do it for His name sake.  God will always do

Things in such a way that He will get the glory and honor.  Not because God is selfish but because as His

People this allows us to break free our own selfishness and pride.  

     David then points out two divine qualities.  God’s goodness and love.  These two qualities move Him

to act on behalf of His people.  These qualities allow us to have the benefits of heaven.  It was His love

that brought salvation and His goodness to release all of heavens resources into our lives as needed. 

God is Good.