Dec 1 – Silence my enemies – Psalm 143:12


David as he closes this psalm as the Lord to do two things.  All of this is according to the Lord’s

unfailing love.  There is a song that says the love of God never fails and that is so true.  Paul wrote that

nothing can separate us from the love of the Lord.  First, David wanted the Lord to silence his enemies.

It was obvious the enemies of David were speaking ill of David.  Gossip is such a killer.  It attacks, accuses

and destroys reputation.  There is a song that says every town has one.  It produces nothing of value.  It

is called the rumor mill.  If something can be twisted you know it because nothing is sacred to the rumor


He then asks the Lord to destroy all his foes.  For David reminds the Lord that he is his servant.  David

Was reminding the Lord that He took him from the sheep pen to the Kingship.  David was a little more

Graphic about how he wanted the Lord do deal with his enemies.  There is one enemy that we should

Want destroyed out of lives and that is the devil.  His agenda is to rob, kill and destroy.  James tell us

That when we submit to the Lord we can resist the devil and he will flee from us.  Today ask the Lord

To help you defeat the devil and never give him any place in your life.  The Lord will do this for you

Because of His unfailing love.