Dec 2 – Vignettes on Prayer



The Bible records notable prayers.  Prayers that are significant.  Abraham in Gen 18:23, fought in prayer for the people.  What a scene here a righteous man interceding for a immoral and sinful people.  He started with 50 and then talked God down to 10.  There were not even 10 righteous people in Sodom.  Abraham demonstrated true intercessory prayer.  The people of Sodom needed an advocate and Abraham was that.  It is sad when people get beyond redemption but as long as we pray for them it is notable to God.  Our world is now like Sodom and like Abraham we need to pray and intercede.  We are the only ones holding back judgment.  Make your prayers known in heaven and just perhaps God will withhold His judgment.  My prayer is that we have not passed the point of no return.