Dec 20 – He watches – Psalm 145:19-20


It is hard to believe we are closing on the end of the year.  Today David reveals four things in these two verses.  First, the Lord will fulfill the desires of those who fear Him.  When you have a healthy respect for God you will seek Him first in all matters of life.  You will want to do His will and thus line up with His desire and it will be fulfilled.  Next, the Lord hears our cry and saves us.  Whatever you are facing today, you have divine help and intervention.  He will save you or take you through it so you can be stronger in Him.

Thirdly, the Lord watches over those who love Him.  He loved us first and then we in turn reciprocated that love.  We have His promise that He is protecting and keeping us.  Like Noah He will provide a place of safety.  Lastly, He will destroy the wicked.  The plans of the enemy will fail and the Lord will deal harshly and swiftly with our enemies.  The Lord judged the wicked harshly especially when they go after God’s people.  All these four are directed to you today.  So throughout the day know the Lord has your back and is watching over every move you make.