Dec 20 – Vignettes in Prayer


In our last vignette I talked about how the Holy Spirit telling me to follow a car to a bush party and how reluctantly I obeyed.  So sitting at the stop sign I waited.  I did not see the broken down car on the side of the road.  As I was sitting there someone rapped on my passenger window.  I rolled it down and a young  man told me his car had broken down and that his friends and him needed a ride home and would I be so kind to get them a ride.  I consented and 5 young teens piled into my compact car.  They had been at the bush party and needed to get home.  It was the funniest thing to see two boys and two girls sitting in the back seat of a car designed for two people and another boy sat up in the front in the passenger side.   I immediately prayed for wisdom to know what to do and what to say.  This was a divine moment and I did not want to waste it.  One thing about divine moments you have to seize them because they never come again in the same way.  Prayer is the essential element you need to use because you need wisdom to have the best results.  James 1:5, states if you lack wisdom you can ask of God and He will give it liberally and that is what I needed to get the best results of this divine encounter.