Dec 21 – Vignettes in Prayer


Divine moments only happen when you see the opportunity and are ready to obey even in my case which I did reluctantly.  The drive home was no more than ten minutes but it would take us forty five.  I learned the names of each teen.  I found out that three were church drop outs, one was from a family who were in a cult and the last one was an agnostic.  I shared my testimony, urged then to go back to church and secured a promise from each one of them that they would.  I dropped them off at the local 711 and drove home on cloud nine.  I was so happy that I had obeyed the Spirit and learned a valuable lesson.  The lesson I learned was in prayer you get a divine perspective, hear the voice of God either through the word or direct impression.  When you obey you have the satisfaction and knowledge that God used you.  It is also a growing ground for the next step in your spiritual development.  Remember we grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ.