Dec 22 – The cause – Psalm 146:7-9


Today we are going to look at several wonderful thoughts.  First, The Lord gives cause to the oppressed.  He sees how sin, satan and man can oppress and hurt the innocent.  He sees all and is their defender.  He gives food to the hungry.  He will supply all your needs according to His riches in glory.  Your needs will be met today.  He sets the captives free.  Whatever you are dealing with your freedom is only a prayer away.  God will intervene when you ask.

The Lord again lifts up those who have been made low.  When you have been humbled by the world the Lord will pick you up and help you again to regain your dignity.  He gives sight to the blind.  When you are blind to what is happening around you the Lord will give you sight.  Blindness can be physical but more likely in the spiritual.  He will open your eyes to His goodness and love.  The Lord loves the righteous.  He loves and cares for His people.

The Lord watches over the alien, foreigner and strangers in your land.  He will not forget them.  He sustains and cares for the widow and the orphan.  The churches mandate is to care for the widows and the orphans.   He lastly, will frustrate the efforts of the wicked.  Do you wonder for the wicked why they end up the way they do?  It is the Lord frustrating and destroying their plans.  Look what happen to Haman from the story of Esther.  He ended be hanged on his own gallows.  Whatever a person sows they will reap.  So be righteous today.