Dec 7 – Our sons and daughters – Psalm 144:12


David talks about a wonderful promise to the righteous.  Household salvation is a concern for all of us.  Acts 16:31 gives us the promise that not only will we be saved but our household as well.  David says when we put the Lord first the promise is that our sons will be like well water plants.  They will grow and produce fruit.  Jesus said that the people of God will have fruit and that fruit will remain.  Gal 5:22-23, tell us about the fruit of the Spirit.  When a person s well watered in the word, prayer and worship they will have fruit.

David also says that our daughters will be like pillars carved and adorn a palace.  The truth is that a godly woman is the pillar of the home.  She gives stability and nurturing that every home needs.  A godly woman seeks God first and then works as a helpmate for her husband.  Solomon a godly woman is worth more than any ruby.  If we want our children to be this way we need to show them our example.

Be a role, mentor and example for your family today.