Did not Condemn

In John 3:17, Jesus said He did not come to condemn the world but that through Him the world might be saved.  This message is so appropriate because the world by and large is anti Christian these days.  Everywhere you go something is being said or done against Christian values and the message.  As our society becomes more and more secular we need to be aware that our message needs to be refined.  Jesus came to save the world.  He died so they might live.  When we bring the message of Jesus Christ to our world we must do it in the power of love.  The message of love is not only said it must be done.  There is a story about a group of Christians who wanted to reach their community for Christ.  So they decided a blimp would be the way to do it.  As the story goes they used this blimp to tell people.  At first it was an annoyance but over time the people of the community became proud of the blimp but what started out as an evangelistic tool became more and more secular.  The man who dreamed about the blimp became disillusioned about the blimp and dropped out. He came back a few months later with His neighbor who was now saved.  When the committee who were using the blimp to reach the town asked Him how the neighbor got saved.  He told them that the blimp had nothing to do with his salvation.  It was the love his neighbor who was the Christian that won Him.  A good lesson for us to learn.  Actions always speak louder than words.  So love as Jesus did and you will win people in your world.