Jesus calls His first Disciples.

                John the Baptist was there with two of his disciples when Jesus walked by.  John said, “Behold the Lamb of God.”  When these disciples heard this they followed Jesus.  Jesus asked them what they wanted.  They were afraid to answer so they asked Him, where was His house?  Jesus told them and they spent the day with Him.  Two lessons we learn from this little statement of them spending with Jesus is:  First, you need to spend time with Jesus to really get to know Him.  The second is that when you really spend time with Jesus you will never be the same.

                Andrew was one of the disciples here and he went back home and told his brother Peter that He had found the Messiah.  John was the other disciple.  They would be with Jesus for the first few months of His ministry.

The Lord is looking for disciples like these men.  Individuals who are willing to give up all to follow Jesus Christ.   Are you?