Discontented Person

In Ecc 2:1, we find Solomon a discontented old man.  This was his state when he wrote the book of Ecclesiastes.  Solomon had known the goodness of God but he had turned his back on God and followed foreign women and gods.  Solomon knew that the pleasures of this life were meaningless.  There is nothing that can compare to the life we have in Jesus Christ.  No riches, fame, power and glory this world offers can compare to the things that Christ gives.  The world cannot give peace, love, joy, eternal life, hope and victory like Jesus Christ gives.  Solomon had it all and he tells how nothing can satisfy like the Lord.  Our children need to read this book to show how the lure of the world will lead to a hollow and meaningless life.  The only true way to be happy is to follow Christ.  Share this with someone it could change their life.  Your promises today are:  James 4:7, 1 John 4:4,  John 10:10 and Matt 6:33.  Your insightful sayings are:  The wise know that education and knowledge is no substitute for character and discretion.  Truth is only as strong and powerful as those who carry it out.