Divine Grace

Divine Grace – 7:18-20


Micah walked about divine grace in 7:18-20.  He saw that grace was God riches at Christ’s expense.  The Messiah was more than just a conquering person of justice but one who would come and redeem the world from its sin.  Grace is more than just unmerited favor it is a whole life experience.  The grace of God will keep you where the will of God takes you.

Micah saw how God is less tolerant of Judah’s and Israel’s mock worship, ritualism and sin.  Believe it or not our worship can actually offend God.  When worship is not given from the heart it is empty of hollow.  People can have a form of godliness and deny the power there of.  Recently a liberal minister in his Easter address talked about the resurrection as a myth.  This is having a form but denying the power there of.

Lastly Micah talks about the millennium in Ch 4-5.  He sees future events.  Seeing something 3000 years in the future.  God’s future is our present.  Think of this, God does not see you as your how but as you shall be.  Your present does not have to define your future.  Trust the Lord and you will have a wonderful future in the Lord.