Do not be a burden

In 2 Thess 3:7-8, Paul presents us with a novel idea.  Let us work so we will not be a burden to any one.  This is contrary to about 20% of our society.  There is an element of society that thinks that society owes them a living or should take care of them.  This is basic laziness.  Paul taught that if a person does not work they should not eat.   Now I am not saying that we should not take care of those who are less fortunate or cannot work.  That is part of the mandate of the church and society but when a person is perfectly capable of working and supporting themselves they should work.  There are so many people that are just plain lazy and we have as a society even fostered and enable this idea to flourish.  Paul knew that true Christians were wanting and willing to work.  In fact is it gives us a testimony with others.  When people see your work ethic and honesty it makes Christianity attractive.  You cannot say you are a good Christian, sitting on your behind, drinking coffee, watching t.v. all the time or just being lazy.  That is never an incentive for others to come to Christ but a hindrance.  So today do everything to help others and work for Christ.  It will be a testimony for God and you.