Do not be Decieved

Do not be deceived – Rom  16:18-19

Vs 18 – These people are not serving Christ but their own appetites.  It is all about them and not Christ.  They use smooth talk and flattery to deceive the minds of naïve people.  Sincere people will put the work in to see if something is truthful or not.  Naïve people accept anything they hear without doing the work to find out if it is truthful.  Naïve people are spiritually lazy.  They will also be shipwrecked in their faith because they did not practice diligence to the Word of God.

Vs 19 – The Roman Christian have a reputation of being people of obedience.  Being in Christ’s School of Obedience is a tremendous blessing and testimony.  Paul says he is full of joy because of them.  Paul says that he wants them to be wise concerning what is good and innocent about what is evil.  This is not being ignorance of evil or denying it exists but to not be affected by it.