Do not Fear

In Isaiah 41:10 we are reminded that we have nothing to fear.  The Lord is with us.  What a great feeling to know that no matter where we are or what situation we find ourselves, God is with us.  In those times he promises that He will strengthen us.  There is that little chorus that says, "Jesus loves me this I know for the Bible tells me so."  Then the second half is so wonderful.  "I am weak but your a strong."  The LORD promises to strengthen us in our inner most being.  So today turn your inner world over to the Lord anD receive His strength.  Then Isaiah says, "The Lord will help us."  Do you need the help of the Lord today?  Then bang there it is.  The Lord will help you.  He will uphold you with His righteous right hand.  One time John Wesley the great reformer of England during the 18th century was not sure he was right with God.  He had not had any persecution or people coming against him for a few days.  He felt almost backsildden.  So he got down on his knees in a field and cried out to God.  He said, "Lord, if I have found myself away from you, please forgive me."  In that moment as he prayed a man saw him and yelled at him, "Preacher, I hate your work because you are converting all my family."  He then threw a stone at Wesley and missed.  Wesley got up from that place of prayer and did two things.  First, he rejoiced that he was still in a right relationship with God.  Secondly he went over and talk to the man who gave his life to Christ.  The Lord will uphold us with His mighty hand.  Today know that God is with you and will do everything He said He would.