Do not judge by what you see.

In Gal 2:6, there is a great truth in this little verse.  The thing that I would like us to focus on is the fact that God does not judge by external appearances.  Men judge on what they see.  They see the wealth, position and status.  God looks at the heart.  Jesus spoke directly to this problem once when He spoke on how people look for the best places at banquets.  Pharisees were extremely good at the outward appearance.  They look like they had everything together.  Yet Jeus saw right though them, He called them white washed tombs.  Pretty on the outside but inside full of dead men’s bones.  When you look at people look at the heart.  Look for the good qualities.  See them the way that God sees them.  Men and women with potential.  God will be pleased.  Your promises today are:  Deut 31:6, Ps 16:11, 32:8, 73:23, 121:8, Isaiah 30:21, John 16:13.  Your Insightful Sayings are:  When God moves try to keep up.  Never let anything block your way, God has already made the way, you just need to follow His path.