Do not put up road blocks

Do not put up road blocks – Rom 14:13-14

Vs 13 –  Paul makes a straight forward statement about not passing judgment on each other.  Instead we are to make up our minds to not put either a stumbling block or obstacle in a fellow Christians way.  Many times knowingly or unknowingly we try to impose our values, convictions and personal bias on others.  We wrap it in Christian language, terms and spirituality but the reality it is how we see things and not God.  Paul says do not do this.  Instead make the effort to follow Christ and let Him deal with a weaker Christian.

Vs 14 – Paul says that as one who is in the Lord, he declares that all meat is clean.  Now if someone decides certain meat is not for them that is their decision.  Our reaction should be one of understanding and tolerance.  This is not an essential truth which needs to be defended.  Never die on the ground of personal conviction unless it is a truth of the word.   It is you conviction but not others.