Do something for God.

In Neh 1:3-4, Nehemiah was greatly disturbed over what had transpired in Judah.  Even though the people had finished the temple, the walls of the city were in disrepair.  God called him to the task of rebuilding the walls.  This task would become a goal and a great blessing in his life.  Nehemiah was so moved he did three things to show God he meant business.  He mourned over the condition of the walls.  As a man called to this task he was truly moved to think that the once great city was now disgraced.  He fasted and then he prayed because he wanted to get the mind of the Spirit on the direction to go.  When you are moved to do something for the Lord do these three things, fast, mourn and pray.  Then God will give you the direction to go.  Your promises for today are Deut 31:6, Ps 16:11, 32:8, 37:23, 73:24 121:8, Prov 3:5-6, Isaiah 30:21 45:2 and 48:17.  Your insightful sayings are today:  The best thing you can do for a friend is believe in them when no one does.  Each day is to be embraced and enjoyed because it could be our last day on the planet.