Doing what is right

In 2 Cor 8:21, Paul writes that we must take great pains or make great effort to do what is right in the sight of God and man.  Think about this, you have as a Christian two audiences.  Both of which have a stake in who you are.  The Lord is your first audience.  He is the one you want to please.  He gives you eternal and abundant life.  He has given you a relationship with Him though His Son Jesus Christ.  You have His Spirit inside of you and you have been given gifts and fruit to show for His praise and glory.  What a privilege that is.  Your second audience is the people around you.  As soon as you say you are a Christian they will be watching you.  That means to the best of your ability you are live your Christianity before them with integrity and honesty.  That does not mean you cannot make mistake but when you do tell them that you made a mistake and why it happen so they will see that Christianity is real.  People are generally very forgiving when you take responsibility for your actions and walk in integrity and transparency.  Paul said he took great pains to live for the Lord and this in turn reflected n the way he dealt with people.  When you do that you will do the same.  Your Christianity is on display so make every effort to live for the Lord and others.