Don’t abide in darkness

In John 12:46, Jesus uses one of the most powerful imaginary in scripture, light verses darkness.  In Jewish thought light always meant good and darkness always meant evil.  Jesus stated that He is the light of the world. Jesus has come to bring men into the light.  He came to reveal holiness, righteousness, truth and grace.  Jesus as the light of the world expose sin, evil and demonic strongholds.  He shows us what we are so we can be healed and set free.  He states in this verse that whoever believes in Him will not abide or live in darkness.  Jesus stated in another place in the book of John that men love darkness rather than light because their deeds are evil.  Jesus came once and for all to deal with the power of sin, hell and the grave.  He destroyed the works of the devil on the cross.  Any accusation, temptation or deception cannot stand in His presence.  As the light of the world, He exposes and deals with things that lead men to death.  He has come to give us life and with that life an abundant future.  So here is our part.  Will we believe in Jesus, accept Jesus and live for Jesus?  When we do that we are abiding in the light.  Men love darkness rather than light because their deeds are evil.  I am always amazed when people choose to stay in darkness rather than come to the light.  Sin has a strangle hold on so many lives the good news is all mankind can be free and that is our decision.  Jesus is the light of the world who came to release all who live in darkness I pray you will choose light over darkness.  Your life both now and in the future depends on that choice.  Choose wisely.